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Welcome to ALBA!

We are a group of lay people from the Theravada Forest Sangha Tradition. With the blessings of the ordained Sangha at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery we run a series of days of practice and short retreats at the monastery. Events are led by experienced lay Buddhist teachers.

Below is some information on our next event.


Five day retreat – 30 Aug – 3 Sep 2019

‘Beautiful in the beginning, 

Beautiful in the middle,

Beautiful in the end’

Led by Nick Carroll

The beauty of the 8-fold Noble path
Sila (Morality)   – the platform for meditation
Samadhi (Meditation) – the process of transformation
Panna (Wisdom)  – the fruit of practice

The retreat will include silent sitting and walking practice, Q&A and shared exploration of the theme.  Retreat registration starts at 5:00pm for 7:00pm start with soup at 6:00pm. The retreat ends on Tuesday at 2:00pm. 

N.B. This retreat is fully booked but it is still possible to join the waiting list if you send in a booking and a place may be offered to you as we often receive late cancellations. click here for booking form