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Booking for ALBA retreats

Please note that ALBA retreats must be booked by completing this  ALBA-Booking-Form. and returning to the email address provided in the form. The forms also contain information about our retreats.

All our retreats for 2017 are open for bookings:

16-18 June – weekend retreat “Developing heart and mind” – Martin Evans and Annmarie McKay     1-5 September – 5 day retreat – Martin Evans                                                                                      10-12 November – weekend retreat – Nick Carroll

Day of Practice Saturday 6th May 2017 – with Ajahn Cittapala

Ajahn Cittapālā (Jutta Richter) was born in Germany in 1949. In 1994 she followed a retreat with Luang Por Sumedho at Amaravati. His teachings on ‘the way it is’ were so supportive that she felt drawn to Amaravati, where she has been living since 1996. In 1999 she received ordination as a Sīladhāra.

In the morning Martin Evans will lead meditation, sitting and walking. In the afternoon Ajahn Cittapala will give a talk followed by an opportunity for questions and answers. 

Registration from 9.30am in Retreat Centre Kitchen for a 10am start.  Finishes at 5pm.  Please aim to arrive by 9.45am for an orientation talk.  There will be a shared light lunch – bring some food which doesn’t need preparation, to share if you can.  No booking required.  No fee. 

All are welcome including those new to meditation.  For more information email: buddhacommunity@gmail.com

Day of Practice Saturday 1 April 2017 – Simplicity – leader Annmarie McKay

In the hustle and bustle of the modern world it can be easy to dream of a simple life and imagine that would be the solution to our problems, “if all I had was a bowl and some robes…” But when we find ourselves in situations where things are simple we can struggle to adjust, such as sitting in meditation, dealing with noble silence, or the daily routine of a retreat. Being able to embrace simplicity is something that our practice can benefit from, and it is something that should be developed from the inside not just through external conditions. In our practice we aim not to be content with nothing, but instead to be content with everything, whatever that may be.

The day will be focussed on simplicity and exploring our own experience of contentment. The morning will consist mainly of silent meditation practice with some suggestions for investigation. Some reflections on the theme will be offered in the afternoon, and the rest of the day will be devoted to further meditation and investigation.

Registration is from 9.30am in Retreat Centre Kitchen for a 9.45am orientation talk and a 10am start. The day  finishes at 5pm.  There will be a shared light lunch – please bring some vegetarian food which doesn’t need preparation to share, on this day simple food is fine, even something as simple as sandwiches as long as they have vegetarian/vegan fillings.

No booking required.  No fee.  All are welcome.

ALBA dates for 2017

1 April- day of practice – Annmarie McKay
6 May- day of practice – Ajahn Cittapala – facilitated by Martin Evans
16-18 June – weekend retreat – Martin Evans and Annmarie McKay
15 July- day of practice – Symon Price
1-5 September – 5 day retreat – Martin Evans
28 October- day of practice (N.B. 9.45am start) – Ajahn Amaro – facilitated by Nick Carroll
10-12 November – weekend retreat – Nick Carroll
16 December- day of practice – Symon Price

Days of Practice start at 10am unless otherwise stated – Registration from 9.30am – please aim to arrive by 9.45am. No booking is required. There will be a shared lunch – bring some vegetarian food (which doesn’t need any preparation) to share if you can.

Retreats (shown in bold) require prior booking. To book a place, please download a booking form and complete and return it to buddhacommunity@gmail.com