ALBA 2016 Programme


6 Feb DoP – Nick Carroll
5 March DoP – Chris Ward & Annmarie McKay
15-17 April – weekend retreat – Martin Evans & Annmarie McKay
21 May  DoP   – Symon Price (with Ajahn Sundara after lunch) (note that 22 May – Vesak)
18 June  DoP – Nick Carroll
15- 19 July – 5 day retreat – Martin Evans & Symon Price
10 Sept DoP – Chris Ward
7-9 October – weekend retreat – Nick Carroll
5 Nov     DoP  – Nick Carroll (with Ajahn Amaro after lunch – note that 6 Nov – Kathina)
17 Dec   DoP  – Chris Ward

DoP means Day of practice. Retreats in bold.

For Days of Practice no booking is required.
Retreats (in bold) require prior booking.

ALBA Programme for 2015

We now have our  ALBA programme dates for 2015. Please update your diaries:


10th January
7th February
7th March

17-19th April

30th May
4th July

7-11th August

5th September

9-11th October

14th November
19th December

Retreats are in bold and leaders and themes will be published in due course

Mindfulness Training – LSM – 6th November

Mindfulness is a key factor in the Buddhist path of awakening. As such all of the ALBA events are firmly based upon mindfulness practice. However, there are also training courses offered by ALBA Teachers – currently Chris Ward.


The LifeSkills Mindfulness Course (LSM) is derived from Buddhist meditation practices that have been used in a range of training courses over the past 30 years to help alleviate stress, unhappiness and chronic pain.

Mindfulness refers to the ability that we all have to stay present with our immediate experience and to be aware of the context of our experience.

The LSM course is spread over 8 weekly sessions (usually in the evening) and follows a similar structure to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses pioneered by Jon Kabat-zinn and now used in wide range of health, well-being and related areas. LSM also includes instruction on integrating mindfulness practice with life-contexts using a framework that reflects the eightfold path of Buddhism.

If you wish to register your interest in the next course – starting on 6th November – please email Chris Ward at  c.ward [ @] (Omitting [ ] and spaces from the email address)

Please visit our triple gem website for more information