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Booking for ALBA retreats

Please note that ALBA retreats must be booked by completing the ALBA retreat booking form. To learn more about our retreats view the web page about ALBA retreats. All retreats are held at Amaravati Retreat Centre.

Retreats in 2018:

13-15 April – weekend retreat – led by Nick Carroll

13-17 July – 5 day retreat – led by Martin Evans

26-28 October – weekend retreat – led by Nick Carroll


13-17 July – 5 day retreat – led by Martin Evans

The uncomfortable truth is that freedom from suffering is only possible through facing reality, not through running away from it.  We learn nothing from running away – yet we can be very reluctant to let go of our strategies to escape from suffering, and we may not even be aware of them. Turning towards and facing the uncomfortable truth – this is the point of Buddhist meditation.    

The primary focus of the retreat will be meditation and mindfulness, and there will be opportunities for Q&A and discussion on the theme.  All welcome – although previous meditation experience is desirable before undertaking a 5 day retreat.

To book on our retreats click on the ALBA Retreats page and complete the booking form.



Day of Practice 31 March 2018

Great news! We have been able to rearrange our Day of Practice which we had to cancel on 3 March. It will now take place on Saturday 31 March.  The theme is ‘Are you Sure?’.

Noticing and not believing in what we think, questioning it with ‘are you sure?’, can shift our perspective and establish a much more wholesome internal world, from which we can engage more skilfully with the external conditions we experience. 

Registration is from 9.15am in the Amaravati Retreat Centre Kitchen.  There will be a short orientation talk at 9.45am and then we gather in the Retreat Centre Shrine Room at 10am for meditation, some of which will be guided. Bring warm outdoor clothing and suitable footwear for walking meditation.  In the afternoon there will be a talk on the theme followed by questions and answers and discussion. The day will be led by Martin Evans.

Please bring some vegetarian food to share if you can.  No booking required. All are welcome.

Saturday 3 February 2018 Day of Practice – ‘Here and Now’ – led by Nick Carroll

A day retreat with guided and silent meditation.  Sitting meditation will be interwoven with walking meditation and supportive physical exercises.  The day will be largely silent except for during part of the mealtime, a talk on the theme and questions and answers,

Registration is from 9.15am in Retreat Centre Kitchen, with orientation talk at 9:45am for a 10:00am start.  The day finishes at 5pm. 

There will be a shared light lunch – please bring some vegetarian food which doesn’t need preparation, to share.  No booking required.  No fee but donations will be invited towards heating costs.

For more information email: buddhacommunity@gmail.com


ALBA Events for 2018

6 January – day of practice – led by Martin Evans

3 February – day of practice – led by Nick Carroll

31 March – day of practice – led by Martin Evans

13-15 April – weekend retreat – led by Nick Carroll

12 May – day of practice – led by Martin Evans

2 June – day of practice – (day before Vesak) – led by Ajahn Sundara

13-17 July – 5 day retreat – led by Martin Evans

11 August – day of practice

1 September – day of practice

26-28 October – weekend retreat

17 November – day of practice (day before Kathina) – led by Ajahn Amaro

15 December – day of practice

Days of Practice start at 10am unless otherwise stated – registration from 9.15am – please aim to arrive by 9.45am.  No booking is required.  There will be a shared lunch – bring some vegetarian food (which doesn’t need any preparation) to share if you can. 

Retreats (in bold) require prior booking by completing the ALBA retreat booking form. For more information view our web page about ALBA retreats or email: buddhacommunity@gmail.com.

All events take place at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery Retreat Centre.