ALBA Events for 2018

6 January – day of practice – led by Martin Evans

3 February – day of practice – led by Nick Carroll

31 March – day of practice – led by Martin Evans

13-15 April – weekend retreat – led by Nick Carroll

12 May – day of practice – led by Martin Evans

2 June – day of practice – (day before Vesak) – led by Ajahn Sundara

13-17 July – 5 day retreat – led by Martin Evans

11 August – day of practice

1 September – day of practice

26-28 October – weekend retreat

17 November – day of practice (day before Kathina) – led by Ajahn Amaro

15 December – day of practice

Days of Practice start at 10am unless otherwise stated – registration from 9.15am – please aim to arrive by 9.45am.  No booking is required.  There will be a shared lunch – bring some vegetarian food (which doesn’t need any preparation) to share if you can. 

Retreats (in bold) require prior booking by completing the ALBA retreat booking form. For more information view our web page about ALBA retreats or email:

All events take place at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery Retreat Centre.

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