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Day of Practice Saturday 15 December – ‘Back to Basics’ – led by Nick Carroll

The clarity, directness and simplicity of the Buddha’s insights are remarkable given the context of the world he lived in. They are as applicable today as when they were originally taught.

His insights gave rise to his core teachings of The Three Refuges, The Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Noble Path, a framework of reference for an active inquiry into life as well a path of practice that leads from entrapment in the conditioned to the freedom of the Unconditioned.

The day will include silent sitting and walking practice in the morning, quiet time for oneself after the meal followed by an afternoon of shared reflections and Q&A on the theme.  All are welcome.

Registration is from 9.30am in Retreat Centre Kitchen for a 9.45am orientation talk and a 10am start. The day finishes at 5pm.  There will be a shared light lunch – please bring some food which doesn’t need preparation to share if you can.  No booking required.  No fee but donations towards the Retreat Centre running costs will be welcome.

ALBA Events 2019

                            Jan 12                     Day of Practice           led by Martin Evans

                            Feb 09                     Day of Practice           led by Nick Carroll

                            Mar 09                     Day of Practice           led by Jenna Ghouse

                            April 12 – 14  Weekend Retreatled – led by Martin Evans & Randula Haththothuwa

                            May 11                    Day of Practice

                            Jun 01                     Day of Practice  

                            July 12 – 14            Weekend Retreat

                            Aug 10                    Day of Practice  

                            Aug 30 – Sept 3     5-day Retreat

                            Sept 28                   Day of Practice  

                            Nov 09                    Day of Practice  

                            Dec14                     Day of Practice  

Booking for ALBA retreats

Please note that ALBA retreats must be booked by completing the ALBA retreat booking form. To learn more about our retreats view the web page about ALBA retreats. All retreats and Days of Practice are held at Amaravati Retreat Centre. ALBA retreats are led by lay Buddhist teachers from the Theravada Forest Sangha Tradition.

You can now book on ALBA retreats for 2019:

12-14 April 2019 – weekend retreat

12-14 July 2019 – weekend retreat

Aug 30 – Sept 3 2019 – 5-day Retreat