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Day of Practice – Saturday, 28 September 2019

Surrendering to Love and Truth

Led by Martin Evans

Love and truth are wonderful aspirational ideas – but if we grasp them as ideas, we push them away as an experience. It is by surrendering to love and truth that we bring the experience of them into our hearts. It is a journey which turns away from attachment to the world of me and mine and leads towards unconditional love and the truth of the way things are.

The day will include periods of sitting and walking meditation, reflections and sharing on the theme. Meet in the Retreat Centre Kitchen from 9.30am. There will be a short orientation talk at 9.45 and we will then gather in the Retreat Centre shrine room for a 10.00am start. 

Please bring already prepared vegetarian food for a shared lunch if you can. The day finishes at 5.00pm. No booking is required.  There is no fee although donations towards the Retreat Centre are appreciated. Those new to Buddhism or to this tradition are welcome.