Day of Practice – Saturday 7th March 2020

09/02/2020 0 By alba admin

Gateways to Liberation

Led by Jenna Ghouse

The Buddha spoke of three fundamental characteristics of human existence: impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and non-self. When we view these characteristics through a lens of delusion, when we are out of alignment with reality, we experience tension, dis-ease and various kinds of suffering. But when we see clearly into their nature, when we live our lives in tune with the way things are, we open the way to peace, happiness and well-being. Hence these three important aspects of the Buddha’s teaching are sometimes referred to as ‘gateways’ to liberation. So how do we approach these gateways? How do we explore their nature in our meditation and daily mindfulness practice? And how can they open for us a way to freedom from suffering?

Further details on the theme of the day to follow. The day will include periods of guided and silent meditation practice with a shared meal around midday followed by some reflections in the afternoon and time for discussion on the theme.  

All are welcome. 

Meet in the Retreat Centre Kitchen from 9.30 am. Please note this is different from the Main monastery kitchen. Directions to the monastery and a map of the monastery grounds can be found here.

There will be a short orientation talk at 9.45 am and we will then gather in the Retreat Centre shrine room for a 10 am start. Please bring some vegetarian food (which doesn’t need any preparation)  to share if you can. There is no fee although donations towards the Retreat Centre are appreciated. Bring warm outdoor clothing for walking meditation. The day finishes at 5.00pm.

  You can find more guidance on the day here.