Days of Practice 2019

Sept 28       Led by  Martin Evans

(Nov 08        Dana meal offering to the monastic Sangha by ALBA)

Nov 09       Celebrating 25 yrs of ALBA – Nick Carroll with Ajahn Amaro

(Nov 10       Kathina celebration at Amaravati to which all are welcome)

Dec 14         Led by   Nick Carroll

Days of Practice are held at Amaravati Retreat Centre led by lay Buddhist teachers from the Theravada Forest Sangha Tradition.

Days of practice include periods of sitting and walking meditation, reflections and sharing on the theme.

Meet in the Retreat Centre Kitchen from 9.30 am. Please note this is different from the Main monastery kitchen. Directions to the monastery and a map of the monastery grounds can be found here.

There will be a short orientation talk at 9.45 am and we will then gather in the Retreat Centre shrine room for a 10 am start. Please bring some vegetarian food to share if you can.  No booking required. There is no fee although donations towards the Retreat Centre are appreciated. Those new to Buddhism or to this tradition are welcome.