Dana – 8th November 2019


As part of the celebrations we are offering Dana at the lunchtime meal on November the 8th. 

Dana basically means generosity, and often involves giving food and other needed items to help support a monastery and its Sangha. Our contributions on this day are intended to give thanks to both the male and female monastic community for their support and encouragement of ALBA over the last quarter century. Dana contributions from everyone are most welcome on the day, and please also feel welcome to come along for the meal ceremony and join in with having some lunch!

If you wish to donate food as part of our celebration, then please be aware the dana offering is taking place in the Sala at Amaravati. Please bring food to the main kitchen by 10.15 at the latest, to give us time to arrange your offerings on the servery. Due to the clocks changing the meal will be at 10.45.

Please bring contributions to the main monastery kitchen and not to the retreat centre kitchen.

Cooked food – Any food cooked outside the monastery cannot be kept by Amaravati for the next day’s meal, due to hygiene regulations. Therefore, if you offer food cooked at home please feel welcome to take away any remaining after the lunch.

The Amaravati website has a page detailing what’s most needed at the monastery as regards both food and other items. It is updated regularly so can be checked again near the date.

Dana List as of 19th October 2019


  • Assorted fresh Greens, Fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  • Honey
  • Yogurt
  • Butter
  • Distilled vinegar
  • Muesli
  • Eggs


  • Handwash
  • Kitchen lighters
  • Strong kitchen gloves


  • 50p stamps
  • Clear tape (large core)