Friday 8th & Saturday 9th November 2019

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Celebrating 25 years of ALBA


All are warmly invited to Amaravati to join in thanking the monastic community for their presence and for their support of ALBA (The Amaravati Lay Buddhist Association) on two days followed by the 2019 Kathina Ceremony on Sunday.

On Friday 8th November members of the ALBA committee will prepare the meal in the monastery kitchen which will be offered to the Sangha at 10:45am

You are welcome to bring food or other items or simply join everyone for the meal offering at 10:45am. Click here for further details.

On Saturday 9th November ALBA’s Day of Practice in the Retreat Centre where we will be joined by Ajahn Amaro, the Abbot of Amaravati Monastery.

Registration will start at 9:00am with an orientation talk at 9:45am.

There will be some quiet meditation practice as well as two talks, one by Ajahn Amaro. The day will end at 4:30pm. If coming for the Day of Practice, please bring some vegan or vegetarian food to share. Click here for further details.

On Sunday 10th November  Amaravati celebrates the annual Kathina ceremony.

The programme for the day will be as follows:

9:45               Paritta chanting in the Temple

10:30            Pindapat – offering of almsfood to the Sangha

13:00            Kathina Ceremony in the Temple

15:00            Dhamma talks will be offered in the Temple

Click here for further details.